The value of portraits... often overlooked while we are busy and frazzled by our hectic lives.  "I need to lose 5 more pounds", "I have no time", and "I'm too tired" are words that I hear often.  

Friends, I challenge you to set aside those thoughts and instead think ahead to where you'll be in 5, 10... 25 years.  Will your excuses matter then?  Or will you be glad that you took the time to invest your time in capturing images of your loved ones?  What price would you put on having photographs and memories that will become a part of your family legacy?  We have no idea what the future holds for us and for that reason alone, I believe in the power of photographs.

Give yourself permission to take a moment to connect with each other in a stress-free, relaxed environment and have a little fun too!  Who knows, your portrait session might become one of the best memories of your life!  I promise you'll fall in love with your photographs and I am committed to creating irreplaceable portraits for you to enjoy today and by future generations of your family.

"Pause for just a moment to reflect on your life and what it means to you.  This moment in time will never exist again... only through our memories and precious photographs will we be able to revisit our past."  - Toki Lee